Long time reader, first time poster.

I started learning about networking to earn a certificate, but I’m continuing to learn out of curiosity. I was recently asked in an interview “What is your definition of a network?” and though I had prepared for that specific question, it still took me a moment to answer.

A network is … a lot of things. What aspect of a network would you like to discuss? Connectivity? Then which layer are we talking, two or three? Even then it gets complicated because certain technologies have been implemented recently that mixes the two. Would you like to talk about network segmentation? Again, are we speaking VLAN, VRF, private VLAN, security policies or recent software defined concepts like a macro/micro-segment?

If you were to press me for an answer, I would say that a network is a set of connected nodes that facilitates communication between two endpoints.

But I’d like to discuss everything else that I have and am studying about what constitutes a modern network. I hope you enjoy these technologies as much as I do.

Thanks for reading.


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