EAP-TLS: setting up the private PKI

There are many options for wireless authentication. Most of us have a home router and use some form of passphrase based authentication for our home networks. Most likely you’re using WPA/WPA2 personal. It is perfectly suitable for a small home network but is not at all best security best practice when moving to an enterpriseContinue reading “EAP-TLS: setting up the private PKI”

Wireless: Initial Setup

This is the first in a series of posts about wireless networking that I’ve been learning for the last few weeks. As with anything in networking there are a lot of terms and concepts associated with any configuration. I’ll probably have a post discussing the basics of radio frequencies and how frames are actually transmittedContinue reading “Wireless: Initial Setup”

The hybrid distance vector protocol: EIGRP

I’ve spent a lot of time studying link state routing protocols and also BGP because they are more prominent in data center and service provider networks but EIGRP also has use cases, particularly for sharing routes in a DMVPN environment. I decided to create a DMVPN topology to study a few advanced EIGRP features. Here’sContinue reading “The hybrid distance vector protocol: EIGRP”

Label Switching or how I learned to ignore IP and become a better forwarder

To be clear, the title isn’t completely accurate. MPLS uses the information from the IGP for labels and whether or not the forwarding efficiency is improved is debatable. In fact, if you’re using a protocol like RSVP for traffic engineering, the path that a packet takes might not be the shortest path. I’d love toContinue reading “Label Switching or how I learned to ignore IP and become a better forwarder”